Our services

Our aim is to make streaming easy as 1, 2, 3. Our services are not only made with technical skills. In order to provide you the best streaming experience, we built our streaming solution every day with our actual customers. Here are our services, made for you.


You are creating or covering an event and you want your action to be relayed on the Internet? We ensure the diffusion of your shows, concerts or reports over the Internet. The streamed content so produced can be plugged into every website.
We can provide :

  • encoding of your sound source
  • rent / installation of an encoding machine
  • Creation of streams of different quality
  • archiving your content during all the event.
The live created content can be put online for on demand streaming directly after a show (our D2W technology). That way you can provide even more content to your visitors.Our prices


You want your radio station to be earable online? You have to reach listeners from all over the word ? With our exclusive technologies and our know-how, that's only one click away. You can put your radio station online without changing any piece of your existing broadcasting solution. In order to help you, we can provide:

  • encoding of your sound input
  • rent / installation of an enconding machine with our OpCo technologie.
  • Create different stream qualities.
  • Archive your whole live or only selected shows. With our D2W technology, your shows are ready for on demand streaming as fast as the live is over.
Our prices

On demand

You have got sound archives (shows, lessons, interviews, songs, etc.) and you want them to be available online. But you don't want them to be directly downloadable. We can give you an hosting diskspace in order to publish your content and make it available through our streaming servers. We can provide:

  • diskspace
  • backup
  • reencode your files
Our prices


With our partner the Ferarock (a 30 radio federation) we can create a full webcover solution (photos, interviews, text, lives, etc.) for your event. We can create, for you, a webradio, a temporary radio, an online platform to mutualize our content with orther medias (also the live shows), etc. Please have a look to our reference doc.

For a widder look to our competence, please visit our References section.